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World Oncology Network

A global community united against cancer

pricing and examples


This is an example.

Choice of fonts,

colors and effects

Box of W 260 px x H 240 px.
Color of choice.

$500 US dollars x unit. NO auto renewals. 

Unit= 14 consecutive days.


Strip H 180 px L 680 px 


$1500 US dollars x unit. NO auto renewals. 

Unit= 14 consecutive days.


Tex only: Helvetica 30 px with link to client site, placed on section of choice:

$ 300 US dollars per unit 

Unit= 14 consecutive days

New FDA approval for Lumirilitumab   See information for professionals

For a quote/order fill the form below or email to

Thanks for submitting!

For a quote/order fill the form below or email to

Thanks for submitting!



General Instructions for Submissions

Read before submitting (See below)

Fill out boxes with full name and email address. On the subject line name one of the two sections below, otherwise enter Other


  • How I cope with cancer...

  • Oncology Around the World

The message box has NO characters limitations but we kindly ask you to keep your postings between 5000 and 10000 characters or what it fits in a one page of 8.5 x1.

Submit only once. DO NOT repeat submission. World Oncology Network (WON) does NOT share the information provided with third parties. But be aware that the submissions (except for Name and email) will be published on the internet. WON has NO control over who visit our website.

How I cope with cancer...

Don't provide personal information, only initials, age and gender if appropriated for your diagnosis or the context of the case. Center your story about your emotional journey and the resources that you had put in motion to navigate through the difficulties of your case. Don't give excessive medical information, only what is necessary to understand your case better.

If you need to mention providers or other professionals involved in your care, do it only through their initials and qualifications (ex. "N.C. the social worker assigned to my case..."

Don't use this space to make accusatory claims. The goal of your submission must be to help others in a similar position than yours. 

Oncology Around the world...




Publication of submissions are subject to World Oncology Network (WON) approval. In case of rejection, WON has no obligation in provide any reason for its decision. Submissions are strictly voluntary and no compensation, recognition or special mention will be provided to the person/s or entities forwarding the submission before, during or after publication.

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